Check out TWHC’s own Dr. Janet Realini who is featured in the Texas Monthly’s Women’s Voices Project!

In this article, Dr. Realini talks about the importance of helping young women practice standing up for themselves and the Big Decisions Curriculum that she developed on this topic.

Dr. Realini said, “For those of us who are working with younger teens, we have to be able to formulate ways of helping them have healthy understandings of how to effectively draw their boundaries, defend their boundaries, and respect other people’s boundaries.”

Big Decisions is a curriculum that Dr. Realini developed to both promote abstinence as the safest and healthiest choice, but to also help young people develop their own agency as they navigate communication in relationships. “We talk about respecting what someone else wants in a healthy relationship and about the refusal skills that they are going to need someday,” she said. “We teach that everyone has the right to say no to sex and that it’s never OK to pressure anyone for sex.”

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