83rd Legislative Session Women’s Health Heroes

May 24th, Steering Committee members joined Dr. Realini in naming the 83rd Legislature’s “Women’s Health Heroes”, to honor their outstanding contributions to women’s health.The recipients included Rep. Sarah Davis, Rep. Donna Howard, Rep. John Zerwas, Rep. Jessica Farrar, Rep. Dawnna Dukes, Sen. Jane Nelson and Sen. Bob Deuell.Each of these Representatives and Senators contributed to the progress of women’s health funding this session. Their leadership ensured increased funding for women’s preventive care and helped to restore the cuts from last session.

Representative Davis led the bipartisan effort for women’s health funding in the House. Her efforts helped to avoid floor battles in the House and made the restoration of lost funds possible.

Representative Zerwas’ showed outstanding leadership in the Appropriations process, as well as during the conference committee. As a physician, his influence on women’s health issues has been critical to the restoration of funding achieved during the legislative session.

Representative Howard proposed House Rider 90, which will replace the $32.1 million the state lost in Title X funds this year. It is estimated that this additional funding will provide access to preventive care for an additional 48,000 low-income women across the state.

The Coalition is immensely grateful for their hard work.