Last week, as part of our ongoing work to better understand the challenges and opportunities facing women’s healthcare providers statewide, TWHC held its second community engagement event and symposium of 2018. This event was held in Houston and was targeted to women’s healthcare providers in the Houston metro area.

We welcomed a great crowd of more than 60 local women’s healthcare providers, and we were honored for the opportunity to provide key legislative updates and updates about our work, as well as hear feedback directly from these providers regarding the work they are doing.

Several things became very clear throughout conversations that occurred that day, most notably that the healthcare providers in attendance are working very hard to serve women in need of preventative services and that the work we are doing together as a coalition has never been more important.

Key takeaways from the meeting were that all providers and coalition members agreed that our number one priority must be to make healthcare available to all women in need and to ensure that federal and state funding levels for women’s health meet the demand. We also discussed the need to better address the continuity of enrollment across all programs, provide greater access to LARCs, and monitor family-planning discussions in communities around the state and within the legislature.

Events like these are tremendously helpful to all of us at TWHC, as we identify our priorities and platforms for the upcoming legislative session, and we are thankful to all who attended the meeting and took the time to share your stories and perspectives with us.

We will be announcing another community engagement event this fall in East Texas, and we look forward to gaining further insight from women’s healthcare providers across the state.

To view our presentation from the Houston event, please click here.